2011 commendation meeting of Horizon Group is held successfully

  On April 2, 2011, 2011 commendation meeting of Horizon Group is held in the Room 1604 Tower A, Fenglan International Center. The persons of Beijing Headquarters and some leaders of other departments of Beijing area attend this meeting. The total attendees are about 100 persons.

  Mr. Yuanquan He, the general manager of Horizon Group gives his opening speech and and reviews the performances of Horizon Group in the meeting. At the same time, he makes long-term plan for our group as follow: Improving staff's professional levels through various trainings, strengthening staff's cohesive force, raising service levels in all aspects and establishing new image of integrity. Also, Mr. He simply introduces how to establish organizational structure of Horizon Group. He says that Horizon Group will be established to be a professional, networking and international service group. At the end of his speech, Mr. He raised higher requirements for the works of the daughter companies.

  During the meeting, the staff who made significant contributions or excellent performances for Horizon Group in 2010 are praised. The awards consist of awards of excellent new staff, excellent performance, individual progress, full time and speciality. The diplomas and bonuses are awarded by Mr. He, Mr. Shao, Mr. Liu and Mr. Peigang He respectively. The above partners and vice general managers take group photos with the award recipients respectively. At the end of meeting, Mr. Peigang He, managing partner of Horizon Group gives his summary speech.

  After the meeting, all attendees join the banquet at the Richang Dinner Room located the second floor of Fenglan International Center. During the banquet, sweepstakes are held and the atmosphere is very active. This meeting is held successfully due to joint participation of the group leaders and all the colleagues.