Seminar of mine right appraisal by the Group

  At 10:00 am, May 5, 2011, Mr.Xijun Wang, vice general manager of Neimenggu Xingyi United CPAs, who is a certified mine right valuer, Mr.Ting Ren from Beijing Zhongxin Zhonghe Mine Right Appraisal Co., Ltd, both of them are invited by the Group, give their lectures on the knowledge of mine right appraisal in the training room of the Group. The total people from Horizon Assets Appraisal Co., Ltds and the branches of the Group attend this seminar. This seminar is held under the easy atmosphere. Mr. Ting Ren detailedly explains the development of mine right, appraisal method of mine right and risk control of mine right appraisal. Mr. Xijun Wang also detailedly give his speech on the appraisal purpose of mine right and value factors of mine right. This seminar not only raises the business knowledge of the staff, but also improves the professional level of the staff. This seminar is useful for our firm to explore and develop our business of mine right appraisal and gets praise from the staff. The HR department will continue to hold various professional seminars and we hope all employees pay attention to them.