Training management station for young assistants is opened

  At 10: 00 am, June 23, 2011, the unveiling ceremony of training for young assistants is held in the meeting room of Horizon Group. Mr. Yuanquan He, managing partner and general manager, chairs this ceremony. Mr. Peigang He, Chairman of the Board, Mr. Xuechun Shao, partner, four teachers hired by Horizon Group internally, who are Mr. Musen Nan, Mr. Changqing Jiang, Mrs. Guiying Ge and Mr. Jihong Yuan and young assistants attend this ceremony and later meeting. First, Mr. Peigang He introduces the significant purpose for establishing the station and its developing foreground. Then, Miss Lihua Dong declares the constitution and provisions of the station. Mr. Peigang He and Mr. Xuechun Shao jointly unveil this station, Mr. Peigang He awards letters of appoint for the above teachers. Four young assistants present fresh flowers to the teachers. At the same time, all young assistants stand up and bow to these four teachers together for become their students. Finally, Mrs. Guiying Ge, gives her speech on behalf of all teachers. She sends the good wish for the station to be established and expresses all teachers will do their best efforts to raise the professional level of the all young assistants.

  The idea of establishing this station has been brewing for a long time. This station is not only the important component for the five years plan of Horizon Group, but also a significant foundation in accounting industry which is still in the course of exploration. This station executes "Three unification",1) training uniformly; 2) uniform administration; 3) uniform dispatch.

  This station is controlled by Horizon Group.

  Chief administrator: Mr. Peigang He, in charge of promotion of professional level of young


  Dean: Miss Lihuan Dong, in charge of daily training and administration

  Teaching and research section: Han Yu, in charge of appointing teachers and making

  training plans


  Mr. Musen Nan: Audit

  Mr. Changqing Jiang: Audit

  Mrs. Guiying Ge: Taxation

  Mr. Jihong Yuan: Appraisal

  Note: All assistants are managed and dispatched by Horizon Group directly. If an assistant project needs to join a project, the dispatching procedure will be executed. After the project is finished, the project manager needs to fill in the evaluating forms for this assistant.