2013-2014 annual meeting of Horizon Group

  On September 20, 2014, Horizon Group holds its 2013-2014 annual meeting at the Senior Training Center of China Huadian Group, which is located at Miyun county, Beijing.

  First, Mr. Peigang He, president of board of directors of Horizon Group, gives his speech at beginning of the meeting. He thanks all employees for their dedication for Horizon Group. Then, he calls on them to unite thinking, capture opportunities and meet challenges bravely for creating Horizon Group’ s beautiful future together.

  Second, Mr. Yuanquan He, CEO & managing partner of Horizon Group, gives his speech. He summarizes last year’s works, analyzes the effects of new policies & regulations on accounting industry and sets forth the develop prospect of Horizon Group from international and domestic angles.

  Several persons from different units give their speeches too. All attendees enjoy delicious lunch and supper in this day.

  This annual meeting is a successful meeting and obtains strong supports from branches and sub companies of Horizon Group. We thank them a lot for their effective efforts.