Contribute professional knowledge to society

  One day of May 2015, when Mr. Yuanquan He, CEO of Horizon Group, reads Twitter and pays attention to a report named “Clean dust with big love”,which is an organization established by Mr. Keqin Wang who is a journalist. The report appeals to Society for helping migrant workers suffering from silicosis, these silicosis patients are farmers engaging in mine for a long time and have no money to go to hospital. Mr. He immediately contact this article’s reporter and expresses his contribution wish for “Clean dust with big love”.

  “The original idea is to donate money to these silicosis patients. In the course of donation, Horizon Group discovers “Clean dust with big love” needs auditing strength to review donation from society. So, we reach a cooperation intention for auditing accounting books of donation from the society with “Clean dust with big love”. Then, Horizon Group appoints its CPAs to bear auditing work for Clean dust with big love”. Mr. He said.

  Until now, Horizon Group has issued 11 Auditor’s reports for “Clean dust with big love” without any charges and the qualities of these Auditor’s reports have been highly affirmed by the competent authority.

  This year is 3 anniversaries for establishment of “Clean dust with big love”. Mr. Peigang He, founder & legal representative of Horizon Group”, is invited to attend 3 year establishment cerebration by “Clean dust with big love”. Being a representative of auditing agencies providing auditing service for “Clean dust with big love”, Mr. He reports auditing works at this cerebration. “Clean dust with big love”. At last of his speech, Mr. He says: “I believe each auditing agency has obligation, duty and love to dedicate itself to silicosis patients and “Clean dust with big love” without remuneration, without complaint and without resentment. Horizon Group will continuously dedicates its strength to “Clean dust with big love” in the future”. His report is applauded by all attendees of the cerebration.

  News source: China Accounting News